Make a complaint, suggestion or enquiry

Suggestions and enquiries

We welcome suggestions and enquiries about our services.


Have you ever felt unhappy or dissatisfied with a service you've received from us? Unfortunately there are times when things go wrong, and as part of our commitment to high-quality services we are making sure that we listen to your complaints.

We define a complaint as: 'A clear expression of dissatisfaction about the standard of service, action or lack of action by the Council or its staff affecting an individual customer or group of customers.'

All complaints are important to us because they tell us what you think of our services. We know there is always room to improve and so we are making every effort to meet our Citizen's Charter commitment - putting things right as quickly as possible.

To make a complaint, follow the steps below. These will tell you who to get in touch with and what we will do to put things right.

You can expect to receive a response in 10 working days from the date we receive your complaint. This timescale applies to each of the three steps.

Step 1

Wherever possible we will try to deal with your complaint at the service point involved.

We can usually sort out simple mistakes or misunderstandings straightaway. Don't forget that you can make your complaint in person, online, on the phone or in writing.

The form should not be used for appealing a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN), or making a noise complaint. There are separate procedures for this.

Please note: The complaints procedure for care services, schools and Councillors are different to the rest of the Council. Please use the following links:

Step 2

If you are unhappy with the way your complaint has been dealt with at step 1 you should contact the Director of the department involved. The Director will look into your complaint and write to you.

Step 3

If you are still unhappy, you can write to the Chief Executive. The Chief Executive will review your complaint independently and make sure it was thoroughly investigated at steps 1 and 2.

Chief Executive
Town Hall
Wandsworth High Street
SW18 2PU

The Chief Executive will only review your complaint if it has already been investigated under steps 1 and 2 of the complaints procedure. Sending a complaint directly to the Chief Executive as a first point of complaint may slow down the processing of your complaint.

It remains the responsibility of the complainant to consider whether to obtain their own independent/legal advice regarding their complaint.