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Referrals by children, young people and parents (with parental responsibility)

Children, young people and parents can contact us directly to make a referral.

Making contact through another person, professional or educational institute

Children, young people or parents can get in touch with WIASS by asking another person, service/professional or school/college (ideally the child, young person or parent should be present when contact is made on their behalf) if the child, young person or parent would find this helpful. 

Before getting in touch, permission must be obtained from the child, young person or parent to pass on their name and contact details to WIASS.

All calls/emails and letters received by the WIASS from children, young people and parents are confidential and information is only passed on to other professionals or services with children, young people’s and parent permission.

The only time we may have to pass on information without permission is when an individual is or may be at risk or we have a legal duty to do so.

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Call back service

You can call or email us. We will respond to all calls and emails within 1 working day.


Wandsworth Information, Advice and Support Service
Children's Services
The Town Hall
Wandsworth High Street
SW18 2PU

Staff members

Rina Patel, Manager

Louisa Jaouadi, Information, Advice and Support Officer (Children and Young People Lead)

Jennifer Roye, Business Support Officer

Yasmin Abouannaoual, Information, Advice and Support Officer

Louise Truman Liebenberg, Helpline IASS Officer

Making a complaint

We hope that you have been satisfied with the service you have received, however, if you wish to make a complaint about our service, please contact the service manager on the below email or postal address:

WIASS Manager
Town Hall
Wandsworth High Street
SW18 2PU


All information given to WIASS is treated confidentially. We will not pass any information about what we discuss to other services unless you give us permission, or an individual (child, young person or adult) is or may be at risk or we have a legal duty to do so. This is explained fully in our confidentiality policy.