Electric car charging points

Charging points in the borough are operated by Source London and Ubitricity.

Charging point locations

We have compiled a list of the locations of all charging points in the borough.

You can also view all charging points in the Borough plotted on a map on Zap-Map.

Source London

The Source London website has locations of all Source London charging points available for use across London as part of the network.

Using the charging points

Find out how to become a member and start using the Source London charging points.

View frequently asked questions about Source London.


View the Ubitricity leaflet for information about tariffs and using the service.

Download the Ubitricity app to find out more about Ubitricity lamp column charging points:

Lamp column charging

If you have no off-road parking but would like to charge your vehicles overnight, you may be interested in signing up for our lamp column charging scheme