About electric vehicles

Active travel and the use of public transport remain as our top transport priorities. For those journeys that cannot be made using public transport or active travel and a vehicle would be required we want to encourage residents to use cleaner vehicles.

An increasing number of borough residents and businesses are considering using greener vehicles to reduce carbon emissions in the borough. 

Some cars running on cleaner fuels including electricity are eligible for a 100% discount from the London Congestion Charge and may also receive tax concessions and other rebates. 


Information on electric vehicle grants (GOV.UK).

Charging points

View information about electric vehicle charging points within the borough.

Parking charges

Parking charges do not apply to vehicles in designated electric vehicle only parking bays when vehicles are plugged into the charging points. This applies to all Source London electric vehicle only bays across the borough regardless whether these are on-street or off street.

The users of the lamp column charging points should comply with parking arrangements on that street as the bays next to the street lights are not designated for electric vehicles only.