Wandle Delta Masterplan SPD

We are preparing a Supplementary Planning Document to guide the development of the area to the north of Wandsworth Town Centre.

The SPD will identify how best to take forward the comprehensive redevelopment of a number of sites, lying to the north of Wandsworth Town Centre and south of the River.

It will define guidelines which set basic parameters for the future development of the area, such that it can best take advantage of the development potential of the area and its linkages to adjacent areas. It will also look at the connectivity both between these sites and with adjacent areas, including Wandsworth Town Station, the Town Hall, Ram Brewery Quarter and the Town Centre.

It will consider what design and infrastructure requirements and improvements are required to maximise those opportunities with a particular emphasis on maximising employment while also contributing to our housing target.


We are consulting on the draft SPD, between Monday 15 February and Sunday 21 March 2021. Your views are important and you can find the consultation online.

There are also two Webinars proposed, where you can learn more about the Wandle Delta Masterplan SPD and have the opportunity to ask questions.

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Masterplan area

The core study area is the land to the north of Armoury Way as shown on the Plan below. A number of key sites are being considered as part of the SPD process. These sites have varying planning status, and the SPD will play a key role in clarifying the priorities and principles which should influence their design and implementation.

See the map for the Wandle Delta masterplan area

Scope of the masterplan

The Masterplan SPD will draw upon the existing and emerging planning policy, guidance and evidence base.

The Masterplan SPD will provide a further level of detail on top of the current policy in identifying the preferred nature and type of development that can support the Council’s ambitions for this area.

Vision, objectives and core approach

The vision for the area is outlined below and included at Section 4.1 of the draft SPD:

  • The Wandle Delta will be a place that puts people first - strengthened as a mixed urban neighbourhood, a focus for living and working, and a local destination for visitors.
  • The area will be transformed by creating an accessible and permeable network of streets and spaces, making it easy and enjoyable to get around on foot and by bike and supporting the intensification of uses. Enhancements to the existing station access, and the creation of a new northern entrance will also improve the experience of travelling to and from Wandsworth Town.
  • The area will be a greener area with a range of new open spaces, complemented by a range of leisure and community activities.
  • The Thames and the Wandle will be a key focus for placemaking in the area, with continuous riverside paths and spaces along the way for nature, play and leisure, connecting to Old York Road, the wider Wandle corridor, King George’s Park and beyond. The riverside spaces will be contrasted with streets and spaces of urban and industrial character, making a feature of the existing railway line, arches, infrastructure and listed buildings.
  • A diverse mix of workspace, homes and local amenities will serve this growing community. The Wandle Delta Area will also benefit from the continued presence of safeguarded wharves which play a vital role in maintaining river access, particularly for waste management and recycling. Opportunities to combine cultural and leisure activities with new forms of workspace, set against the backdrop of distinctive waterside spaces and connections, and enhanced links to Old York Road, the Ram Quarter and the town centre, will announce the Wandle Delta as an important destination for the Borough.

The objectives set for the area, to achieve the Vision, have been grouped under the three core headings of Placemaking, Smart Growth and People First, in line with the approach adopted in the review of the Local Plan. This will ensure the creation of a sustainable neighbourhood and enhance the character and identity of the Wandle Delta area through high quality design of buildings and space. It looks to promote the transformation of the Wandle Delta and set the context for the delivery of a balanced and diverse mix of uses, while securing a more people-centric Central Wandsworth. The detailed objectives are contained in section 4.2 of the draft SPD.

Section 5 of the draft SPD provides planning, design and delivery guidance and is broken down into the following sections

  • Routes and movement. Including connectivity with the wider Central Wandsworth area, with greatly improved permeability both north-south between the Wandsworth Town Centre and the Thames and east -west through the area, providing improved connectivity between the River Wandle and Old York Road. There is an emphasis on walking and cycling and minimising the impact of vehicular travel.
  • Public realm and landscape. Identification of a public realm framework into which individual developments should fit. It includes two new pocket parks on Causeway Island and Feathers Wharf and a hierarchy of other spaces including green links, play streets and quiet streets.
  • Block structure, typologies and frontage. Providing an indicative block structure, which will allow for a flexible range of building types and frontage uses.
  • Land use and activity. Recognises the need to retain and extend employment uses across the SPD area. To assist with this it identifies a range of mixed use typologies that could be applied at various locations, while accepting the potential for residential development within the area.
  • Heights scale and massing. Looking at a revised approach to tall buildings, while cross referencing with the emerging urban design study and emerging Local Plan. It provides indicative height bands and locations for tall buildings.
  • Environment and sustainability. This is particularly important given the river setting of the SPD. It incorporates ecology and biodiversity needs and highlights the importance of ensuring connections are made to a future District Heat Network.
  • Illustrative masterplan. This is an indicative plan within the draft SPD. It identifies a potential in the short to medium term for 1,650 new homes, 11,600 sq.m. of light industrial floorspace and 21,000 sq.m of office space.
  • Guidance for Key Clusters. See paragraph 16 below.
  • Future opportunities. Identifying a number of sites that due to locational or planning constraints are unlikely to come forward in the foreseeable future. These are the waste recycling facility, Pier Wharf (both of which are safeguarded wharves) and Wandsworth Bridge Roundabout.

The SPD area contains a number of site specific allocations from the adopted Local Plan as listed above in Paragraph 5. It also identifies a number of additional sites, such as Pier Wharf and Wandsworth Bridge Roundabout, that are included as site specific allocations in the wider review of the Local Plan. These are grouped into clusters, containing principles of development and a delivery statement, which follows the approach of the Local Plan. The clusters are:

  • Frogmore
  • Hunts Trucks/Gasholder
  • Feather’s Wharf/Smugglers Way
  • Wandsworth Bridge
  • Ferrier Street
  • Swandon Way

Programme of the masterplan

In November 2019, following a competitive tendering process a preferred consultant, Avison Young (property and economic specialists), working with Allies Morrison (urban designers) and Hydrock (transport specialists) was appointed.

The production of the masterplan has five stages identified in its production:

  1. Evidence Base Collation - November 2019 to January 2020
  2. Initial Consultation (Issues Stage) - January/February 2020
  3. Draft Masterplan production - March 2020 to January 2021
  4. Statutory Consultation - Spring 2021
  5. Adoption - Late spring 2021

Further information

If you have any queries or comments on the Masterplan or SPD, please email the Planning Policy team