The revised planning proposal for the regeneration of the Alton Estate, SW15 (reference 2019/2516)

The Revised Planning Proposal 

The application is for a part outline and part detailed planning permission and following the submission in June 2019, proposed amendments and additional supporting information has been submitted to the Local Planning Authority for consideration. The resubmission comprises of:

  • A revision to the number of residential units - an increase in the total number of units from 1,103 to 1,108 and an increase in in the total number of affordable homes from 256 to 261.
  • Adjustments to housing and tenure mix of outline element (Phase 3) to reflect the earlier delivery of affordable housing in Block O - 75% of affordable housing proposed to be delivered in Detailed element (Phases 1 and 2).
  • Changes to the distribution of affordable housing - alterations to housing unit size and tenure mix in Block O from 40 private homes to 35 affordable homes and minor revisions to elevations.
  • Increase in total number of affordable homes in Block Q from 116 to 121 units, alterations to apartment layouts and affordable housing tenure mix to include 31 shared ownership homes and minor revisions to elevations and landscaping.
  • Reduction in the maximum amount of non-residential floorspace from up to 9,572 sqm to 9,459 sqm.
  • Adjustments to internal layouts of Blocks K, M and N and minor revisions to elevations.
  • Internal alterations to layouts of residential apartment and non-residential in Block A and alterations to the wheelchair accessible route from Hollyborne Avenue to Hersham Close and to the community hall.
  • Alterations to wheelchair accessible routes between Roehampton Lane and Downshire Fields and between Laverstoke Gardens and Danebury Avenue.
  • Retention of existing trees and re-designed streetscape along Harbridge Avenue.
  • Re-location of bus stop on south side of Danebury Avenue adjacent to junction with Minstead Gardens.
  • Minor adjustments to road alignment and design of the village square, revised landscaping to the traffic island at the junction between Danebury Avenue and Roehampton Lane.
  • Provision of bus driver toilet facility adjacent to the bus turnaround at junction of Danebury Avenue and Tunworth Crescent.
  • Revised Energy Strategy, including provision of plant enclosure on roof of Block N.
  • Provision of a suite of corresponding updated and technical reports and technical addendums including Transport Assessment.

(The Planning Application is accompanied by an Environmental Statement Addendum)

View the application here.

During the re-consultation process on the revisions to the planning application as outlined above, Historic England decided on 11 June 2020 to add the landscapes at Alton East and Alton West in Roehampton to the Register of Parks and Gardens of Special Historic Interest in England (grade ll). View the list entry for Alton East and Alton West.

To take into account the designation of the landscape at Alton West as a registered Park and Garden of Special Historic Interest, the planning application for the Alton Estate regeneration scheme has been further revised to incorporate an Environmental Statement Addendum which includes an updated Heritage Assessment.

Further transport modelling information has also been included in the Transport Assessment element of the Environmental Statement.

The Environmental Impact Assessment legislation requires a further re-consultation period of 30 days due to the changes to the Environment Statement as mentioned above. This further consultation will give local residents an opportunity to continue to make representation on the revised scheme until the expiry of the 30 days on 7 August 2020.