How we deal with comments on a planning application

Publication of comments

You should be aware that legislation requires that any letter you send in response to an application has to be available for inspection by the applicant or anyone else interested in the application. Because of this we cannot take into account comments that are marked "confidential".

Comments on our website

Your comment, including your name and address, which must be provided, will be published on this website and will also be made available for public inspection at the Town Hall.

You do not have to provide your telephone number or e-mail address.  Please do not include this information (including on the online form) if you do not want it to be published on our website.

If you are sending a letter, it is advisable not to sign it if you do not want your signature to appear on the web. If you choose to comment by sending us an email, then to avoid your email address also appearing on this website, send your comments as an attachment to the email.

If you comment, your name and address will only be visible on this website while an application is being decided or if there is an appeal.

Consultation of amendments

Sometimes, applications are amended due to negotiations by the planning officer, to overcome a problem or because of a change of mind by the applicant.

The decision as to whether to consult on amended plans will be judged on the individual circumstances of each case.

It will be based on the nature and extent of the amendments. Minor changes to plans (particularly where they have a similar or lesser impact) would not normally be publicised.

This judgement is made to prevent unnecessary delays in the processing of applications and to avoid the unjustified expense of re-publicising minor changes to a scheme.

When re-consultation is undertaken, typically neighbours will have 14 days to comment.