After planning application submission

The stages in the consideration of a planning application:

Stage Timeframe (for householder or small scale application
Consultation letters sent out Within 1 week of registration of a valid application
Display of site and press notices Within 2 weeks of registration of a valid application
Consultation 21 days
Re-consultation on significant amendments 14 days
Determination Within 8 weeks of registration of a valid application

While we aim to deal with householder and other small scale applications within eight weeks, this is not always possible.

If we do not expect to be able to deal with it within eight weeks we will explain the reasons to the applicant.

A reason for the delay might be that the application needs to be referred to the planning applications committee for decision.

The planner dealing with an application will, if requested, keep the applicant informed of progress and how and when it will be decided.

Track the progress of an application 

You can follow the progress of an application. We update the status of applications daily.

Information is available on:

  • Who has been consulted
  • Any responses received
  • Key dates.

Further discussions and site visits

If we need to discuss the proposal with you (this isn't always needed) you will be contacted by the case officer. This may not be until after the consultation period is over.

Site visits 

The case officer will often need to undertake a site visit to assess the proposal. This usually includes taking photographs of the site.

Often the site visit is undertaken towards the end, after the consultation process with neighbours and consultees, so that issues raised in comments can be assessed at the site visit.

If access is required, arrangements will be made with the applicant as soon as possible.


Viewing and commenting on applications 

Applications are publicised and we ask the views of neighbours before making a decision. The application and documents will also be placed on the website so that the public can view them.

Consulting with specialist organisations 

For some applications, we may ask other specialist organisations for comments.

For example, Historic England will be consulted on proposals to alter historic buildings. Other organisations include local amenity societies and resident's associations.

You can see who we are consulting when you view a planning application.