Appeal a planning decision

We support the Planning Inspectorate's initiative to encourage the submission of appeals and comments on appeals online (the Planning Casework Service).


You should check if you have the right to appeal before you submit. 

You have a right to appeal if:

  • An application you have submitted isn't decided within a set period (usually 8 weeks), or
  • You get a decision that you disagree with

Your appeal

Appeals are made to the Secretary of State and are administered by the Planning Inspectorate

Make an appeal


As there are no third party rights of appeal, if you are an objector to a planning application which has been granted, you do not have a right of appeal.

Time limits on appeals

There are strict time limits on the right to appeal. Appeals submitted outside these limits will normally be turned away.

With the exception of 'Householder Appeals', the deadline for submitting an appeal is six months from the date of the application decision letter (or in the case of non-determination, six months from the date the decision should have been made).

The six month period applies to all planning (section 78), listed building and conservation area consent (section 20) appeals.

Householder/minor commercial appeals

More information and time limits for householder and minor commercial appeals.