Work about to start on package of road safety measures in Tooting Bec

Published: Thursday, October 31, 2019

Work will shortly be getting underway on a further series of traffic calming measures to deter through traffic and improve pedestrian safety in an area of Tooting Bec.

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A diagram showing both phases of this safety work

Town hall traffic engineers will commence work in mid-November on a second phase of works to improve safety in Elmbourne Road and Hillbury Road.

This phase of the scheme will see raised flat top speed tables – designed to reduce vehicle speeds and provide safer crossing points for pedestrians - installed at eight locations along Elmbourne Road – at its junctions with Tooting Bec Road, Drakefield Road, Streathbourne Road, Huron Road, Manville Road/Hillbury Road, Bushnell Road and Bedford Hill.

Another traffic calming measure would be installed at the junction of Hillbury Road and Bedford Hill while existing infrastructure in Hillbury Road is to be upgraded.

Pavement space in Elmbourne Road will be widened by the removal of parking bays that have previously permitted footway parking. Double yellow lines will also be introduced at key locations to prevent dangerous parking and improve sight lines for both pedestrians and road users.

The changes are designed to reduce traffic flows and improve safety levels for pupils and parents on their walk to and from St Anselm’s primary school.

These works follow a raft of safety measures introduced earlier this year in Dr Johnson Avenue and also at the junction of Elmbourne Road and Louisville Road.

Designs for both phases of the project were drawn up following receipt of petitions from residents in this area of Tooting Bec and positive feedback from public consultations.

The town hall’s transport spokesman Cllr Paul Ellis said: “Local people have asked us to take action to reduce traffic levels and improve pedestrian safety in this part of Tooting so I am delighted that this second phase of works is about to get underway.

“We think these measures will have a positive impact on the area and also make the routes to and from St Anselm’s that bit safer for children and their parents.”