Law keeps public spaces safe

Published: Friday, November 20, 2020

Residents are reminded that a new Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) is in force to tackle anti-social behaviour in  parks and open spaces.

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PSPOs prohibit specific activity within a defined area to tackle issues affecting quality of life. Different orders in the borough which are due to expire were replaced last month by one single Order tackling:  

  • Anti-social behaviour caused by drinking alcohol in a public space 
  • Use and possession of Novel Psychoactive Substances in a public space. This covers chemical substances which produce similar effects to illegal drugs. One example is Nitrous Oxide which comes in the silver cannisters sometimes found on the ground in public spaces.  
  • Dog control in parks, open spaces, public highways and pavements 

Residents are reminded that reaching a PSPO without a reasonable excuse is a criminal offence and can result in a fine or fixed penalty notice.  

Councillor Steffi Sutters, Cabinet Member for Community Services and Open Spaces said: “Earlier this year we asked local people for their views about these proposed orders. It is clear residents want to be able to enjoy a trip to the park or a walk through their neighbourhood without having to deal with other people behaving in a selfish, irresponsible or dangerous way.  

“I hope these orders send a clear signal that we will do all we can to keep our parks and public spaces safe.”  

The PSPO would be introduced for three years and will be reviewed on a regular basis. 

Councillor Jonathan Cook, Community Safety lead member and Chair of the Safer Neighbourhood Board added: “It’s important that we keep our public spaces safe for the community to enjoy. This new borough wide protection order has been put in place to protect residents from nuisance and irresponsible behaviour in our open spaces.”

View the full PSPO here: