Please Help Water Our Trees

Published: Friday, June 5, 2020

People are being asked to help water newly-planted street trees to help them survive the current dry spell. 

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Over the past two years 1,240 trees have been planted all over the borough. While the trees are watered frequently by the council, there are concerns that some of these young trees could start to wilt if warm and dry conditions continue.

Most have a plastic tube dug into the ground alongside the trunk which allows water to be poured deep into the soil to help nourish the roots.

The council’s environment spokesman Cllr Steffi Sutters said: “We have an ongoing programme of tree planting to help us meet our climate change commitments and achieve our goal of becoming inner London’s greenest borough. 

“Wandsworth was one of the first urban councils in the country to establish a network of tree wardens who work with us to keep an eye on trees and keep them healthy, but with around 15,000 trees in our streets alone, plus tens of thousands more in parks, commons and open spaces, we need the help of the public as well. 

“So if you see a tree that’s looking a bit parched, please water it so it remains healthy for your community to enjoy.”

The council’s tree strategy includes actions of planting, protecting and celebrating the borough’s trees, with input from local community groups and the volunteer Wandsworth Tree Wardens. The tree department is managed by Enable Leisure and culture on behalf of Wandsworth Council. Find out more at

People interested in becoming a tree warden can email