More safety measures on busy pedestrian route to Southfields primary school

Published: Friday, July 3, 2020

Additional road safety measures are being introduced on a busy pedestrian route used by pupils at a Southfields primary school.

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A new safer crossing point will be installed at this junction

A new enhanced crossing point is to be installed next month in Granville Road, close to its junctions with Pulborough Road and Gressenhall Road.

It will make it safer for children attending nearby St Michael’s primary, and follows on from the introduction in February of this year of a raised carriageway zebra crossing outside the school gates.

Next month council engineers will install an enhanced crossing point using footway build-outs, highlighted with coloured road surfacing and additional road markings.

These are designed to reduce vehicle speeds, raise driver awareness, increase visibility and shorten the road width, making it easier and quicker for children and adults to cross the road.

Transport spokesman Cllr Paul Ellis said: “This additional measure, coming shortly after the introduction of a raised zebra crossing outside the school, will make this a much safer journey to school for children and their parents and will hopefully encourage more of them to walk to St Michael’s instead of driving.

“As well as meaning shorter and quicker crossing times, it should also lower vehicle approach speeds, improve visibility and increase road safety.”

Layout of the new crossing