Together on climate change

The council has declared a climate emergency and set targets of becoming a carbon-neutral organisation by 2030 and zero-carbon by 2050.

We want Wandsworth to be the greenest inner London borough. Taking action on climate change will not only improve the daily lives of our community but will help preserve our borough for generations to come.

To reach these ambitious targets, Wandsworth Council has detailed a strategy outlining actions that will help tackle climate change in our borough.

The 7 themes of Wandsworth's Environment and Sustainability Strategy:

  • Sustainable Transport
  • Air Quality
  • Energy Management
  • Urban Greening and Open Spaces
  • Waste Management
  • Water Management and Flooding Resilience
  • Planning and Sustainable Development

Read Wandsworth’s Environment and Sustainability Strategy.

Our action plan

Wandsworth Council has committed to lead the way, but we cannot do this alone. Change will require collaboration and commitment across the borough.

Check out our ‘Together on Climate Change’ YouTube playlist.

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