Together on transport

We will be moving away from methods of transport that are harmful to the environment while empowering and encouraging residents and businesses to use sustainable transport.

What we are doing

Actions we are taking on transport:

  • Reducing vehicle emissions by making it as easy as possible to walk, cycle, car share or use public transport, ULEZ, transition to ULEZ compliant vehicle fleet 
  • Providing local business with low-carbon transport alternatives such as e-Cargo bikes as well as encouraging take up of low emission vehicles
  • Replacing the Council’s existing fleet of 32 commercial vehicles with 28 replacements that produce lower emissions
  • Signing more schools up to our School Streets programme which enforces ‘no traffic zones’ around schools during pick up and drop off times
  • Encouraging take-up of electric vehicles, we currently have more EV charging points than any other borough. We have 560 charging points with another 140 being added in 2021

What you can do

Actions you can take:

  • Cycle or walk where possible
  • Shop locally
  • Consider transitioning to an electric vehicle, the central Government has grants available

Outcomes of our actions

  • Cleaner air
  • Less traffic
  • Safer streets
  • Improved health from exercise

Further information

For more information on objectives, actions and targets, please read the Wandsworth Environment and Sustainability strategy.