Together on air

We are implementing specific actions designed to reduce pollution and harmful chemicals going into the air.

What we are doing

Actions we are taking on air:

  • Improving air quality by spending pending £100,000 on trees across the next two years including planting 1,000 new trees and maintaining our existing tree stock of 62,000
  • Encouraging take up of electric vehicles, we currently have more EV charging points than any other borough. We have 560 charging points with another 140 being added in 2021
  • Signing more schools up to our ‘School Streets’ programme which enforces ‘no traffic zones’ around schools during pick up and drop off times.
  • Fighting the Heathrow airport expansion
  • Tooting ‘Clean air village’

 What you can do

 Actions you can take on air:

  • Don’t idle your car at traffic lights. Switch your engine off
  • Walk or cycle instead of driving where possible
  • Invest in an EV vehicle, you can apply for a Government Grant to help support the transition

Outcomes of our actions

  • Cleaner air
  • Reduction in carbon dioxide/pollution
  • Improved health
  • Fewer petrol/diesel vehicles on high streets

Further information