Helping you understand the borough

Published: 11 December 2018

Wandsworth Council has launched a new online resource that helps local organisations, groups and businesses understand more about the people who live in the borough and their needs.

DataWand is an easy-to-use, interactive website that brings together information from a variety of sources to create bespoke evidence bases to improve decision making at all levels.

It also provides community groups, the voluntary sector and contractors interested in working with the council with up to date information about the borough. This will help them tailor their procurement or commissioning bids accurately helps groups bid for grants. It also allows residents to view trends in their areas.

Information sources include the Office for National Statistics, government departments and the council’s Joint Strategic Needs Assessment looking at local health and care needs.

Data is presented around the key themes of economy and employment, crime, population, health and social care, housing and education and skills amongst others. All areas of the borough are covered, right down to ward level, with information easily accessible in a variety of formats including tables, charts and maps. The data is dynamic, and users can build their own reports by different themes and topics.

This rich source of data is in addition to the information available on the council’s Open Data pages, which enables the public and organisations to access council data such as staff salaries and performance information and compare the council’s performance with other London boroughs.

Leader of the council Ravi Govindia said: “DataWand is part of our commitment to be open and transparent and give local people the information they need to get the most out of living, working or running a business in the borough.

Visit the site at