Cleaning streets with Wandsworth sweepers

Published: 21 September 2017

Sweeper Operative Kenneth Chambers has been keeping Battersea’s streets clean for nearly 20 years – and says he is incredibly proud to do his job.

Kenneth is one of 91 street cleaners who are out seven days a week with the aim of keeping our streets amongst the cleanest in London.

Kenneth explains, “I am proud of what I do because I live in the area too so it’s important for me to keep my streets clean.

“Residents know me in the area and I often receive positive feedback from local people.”

Starting at 6am, Kenneth begins his day by arranging his sweeping materials for the day which include a cart, waste bags and a broom.

Once Kenneth gathers his materials he sets off doing a loop around Battersea focusing on the residential streets off St. John’s Hill.

When Kenneth’s cart is full, he bags up the litter in a green waste bag ready for collection by one his team driving a waste van.

The street cleaning team work together, both cleaning the streets and collecting flytips.

They work seven days a week in rotating shifts which ensures that there is always a team out cleaning the streets.

The team spend their shifts cleaning six miles of streets daily with main town centres being cleaned up to five times a day.

How you can help keep Wandsworth Clean

  • Leave your waste and recycling bags out on the correct day each week. See to check your collection day.
  • Show your support on Twitter using the hashtag #KeepWandsworthClean
  • Report flytips on the council website
  • Pass on evidence that could help identify a flytipper in confidence to
  • Set up your own clean streets initiative with support from the Wandsworth Grant Fund. Visit
  • Find the next Wandle Trust clean-up day at
  • Contact  to find out more about how you can help #KeepWandsworthClean