Wandsworth leads the way in car club membership

Published: 24 February 2017

As car club membership in Wandsworth approaches 14,000, more local people are encouraged to sign up and experience the benefits for themselves.

Wandsworth already has London’s highest membership of car clubs, which reduce overall driving rates, ease congestion and help improve air quality.

Car club members tend to drive only when they really need to – much less than car owners – so having a club in the borough can help cut car use overall.

For those who do not use a car very often, car clubs can be a convenient alternative to car ownership, or to having a second car in the household.

Shared transport charity Carplus estimates that for every vehicle used in a car-sharing club, 10 privately-owned vehicles are taken off the road.

By helping many households to reduce the number of cars they own privately, parking spaces are also freed up in the borough.

Wandsworth Council is currently teamed up with four car club operators - Enterprise Car Club, Co-wheels, Ubeeqo and Zipcar - to provide cars in dedicated bays all over the borough.

This means most residents in the borough will have a car nearby.

For up-to-date locations and details of membership rates and how to join, visit the websites of the operators below.

  • Enterprise Car Club
  • Co-wheels
  • Ubeeqo
  • Zipcar

Wandsworth Council’s transport spokesperson Cllr Jonathan Cook said:

“I’m delighted that Wandsworth residents are leading the way in car club membership, and encourage local people who haven’t yet tried the service to give it a go.

“Car clubs reduce total vehicle use and take older, more polluting cars off the road, while still giving people the access to transport that they need. Using car clubs is a positive change many of us could make, alongside the measures the council is already taking to improve air quality in the borough.”

Find out more about car clubs on the council’s website.

Steps the council is taking to tackle air pollution include:

  • In 2009 Wandsworth Council installed its first air quality monitoring station on Putney High Street to develop an evidence base around the high street’s suspected pollution issue.
  • A ban on day-time deliveries on Putney High Street.
  • Lobbying for higher capacity rail, bus, riverbus and tube services so more residents can switch from cars to public transport.
  • Promoting cycling and investing in the borough’s cycle network. Wandsworth now has the fastest growing cycle rate in the country according to Government statistics.
  • A rolling programme of environmental theatre productions in local schools to teach children how their travel choices affect air quality.
  • Helping schools develop school travel plans which reduce the number of cars used on the school run through initiatives like 'walking buses' and car pools.
  • The council's Smarter Driving campaign encourages drivers to take simple steps like fully inflating their tires to reduce their emissions. It also provides free vehicle emission checks in public places like supermarket car parks.
  • Free bike safety lessons for children and adults to give more residents the confidence and skills they need to start cycling
  • A free airTEXT messaging service warns residents when high pollution levels are forecast.
  • Making the borough more pedestrian friendly, including projects in Clapham Junction, Southfields, Putney and Earlsfield.
  • Introducing 20mph zones to calm traffic.
  • Electric vehicle charging points have been installed in key locations which enable residents to switch over to low emission electric vehicles.