Have your say at Heathrow expansion consultation event in Putney tomorrow

Published: 23 February 2017

Local residents are being encouraged to have their say on plans to expand Heathrow airport at a Government consultation event at Putney Leisure Centre tomorrow (Friday 24 Feb).

  • When: Friday 24 February 11am-8pm
  • Where: Putney Leisure Centre, Dryburgh Road, SW15 1BL

Councillors are urging local people to visit the roadshow to voice their concerns and question the Department for Transport about how this scheme would affect life across the borough. 

Questions could include:  

  • Will there be new flight paths over my house?
  • What noise levels will I experience with an expanded Heathrow?
  • What air pollution will I experience with an expanded Heathrow?
  • What road congestion will I experience with an expanded Heathrow?
  • How will it impact local transport and roads?
  • How else will my neighbourhood be impacted?

Wandsworth has been working with other councils and community groups to expose the true impact of expanding Heathrow Airport amid claims the Government’s on-going consultation is misleading millions of people. 

Hillingdon, Richmond, Wandsworth and Windsor and Maidenhead councils are highlighting the serious health, noise, traffic and pollution impacts of the third runway plan, which are conspicuously absent from the Department for Transport’s (DfT) publicity.   

Among the key issues they expose are: 

  • Increase in noise: 50% increase in flights and new flight paths over quiet parts of the South East including Wandsworth.
  • Noise respite will be halved: Most communities under flight paths will be overflown for 75% of the day, compared to 50% today.
  • Only five long haul routes: There will be 260,000 more flights a year, but only 5 additional long haul routes.
  • Disrupting the M25: Expansion requires rerouting the A4 and local road network, putting the M25 in a tunnel and increasing rail capacity. This would cause years of disruption and comes at an estimated cost of up to £15 billion to the taxpayer.
  • Increased levels of pollution: Heathrow already contributes to illegal pollution levels which would increase with expansion.
  • More night flights: Night flights would continue, and the Government's proposed 6.5 hour ban doesn't cover the whole night.
  • Increased detrimental health impacts: Expanding Heathrow would damage thousands of people’s health - particularly children and those with existing conditions.
  • Increased traffic levels: Expansion would generate 25 million extra road passenger journeys a year and double the airport’s existing freight operation.
  • Increased noise impacts on schools: An extra 108 schools would be overflown for 75% of the day. Hundreds more schools would see aircraft noise increase from 50% of the day, to 75%.
  • Homes destroyed: Around 1,000 homes will be destroyed as Heathrow expands. There is also no planned infrastructure e.g. community facilities to support an expanded airport.

You can download and share a flyer setting out these issues about Heathrow impacts here.

Find out more at www.wandsworth.gov.uk/heathrow