Thirty new council homes approved for Battersea

Published: 18 January 2017

Planning permission was granted last night (17 January) for new social housing to help support a major estate regeneration programme in the area.

A meeting of the Planning Applications Committee approved the construction of four flats on a site currently used for parking and storage on Gideon Road, with all parking spaces reprovided through a more efficient rearrangement of the land.

Eighteen homes, a mix of flats and houses, will be built on another Gideon Road site, which is also used currently for parking and storage, with all parking spaces reprovided through better land use and 10 trees replaced with 34, plus additional hedges and landscaping.

A further eight flats are to be built at sites on two corners of Tyneham Close and Shirley Grove, on the Tyneham Close Estate.

Improvement work for the estates is also proposed.

The 30 new homes will rehouse people in the first phase of the nearby Winstanley and York Road estates regeneration while their existing properties are demolished and their new homes are built on site, as part of a plan to build more than 2,000 new homes on these estates.

Through its Aspirations programme to improve life chances in the borough, the council is undertaking a major redevelopment at Winstanley and York Road, guaranteeing all council tenants and owner-occupiers a newly-built home on their estate along with new community facilities, a new leisure centre and park, a new library, new shops and business space, and employment and training initiatives. Seventy per cent of consultation respondents supported redevelopment instead of a proposed substantial refurbishment programme.

Committee chairman, Cllr Sarah McDermott, said: “These new homes all meet the usual planning requirements. The fact that the housing will be additional homes for council tenants was an important part of the committee’s consideration. We took into account all concerns raised, including sufficiency of parking spaces, and welcomed the clever use of under-utilised land.”

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