‘Unions need to call a halt to strike action on Southern Rail’

Published: 30 November 2016

The council’s transport spokesman Jonathan Cook is urging the rail unions to call an immediate halt to their long running series of strikes on Southern Rail.

Wandsworth residents who use the service have suffered continuous disruption to their daily commutes in recent months due to industrial action by the RMT union in a dispute over the role of guards and conductors.

Now train drivers’ union Aslef has announced its own strike action in a row over the company’s plans for driverless trains.

Aslef has called for a three days strike by its members between December 13 and 16 and a further walkout between January 9 and 14.

Cllr Cook said: “The unions need to end this campaign of industrial action and return to the negotiating table. It is only by sitting down with the company and hammering out a deal that any progress will be made in resolving their grievances.

“This long running series of strikes has achieved nothing apart from causing unnecessary distress and hardship to ordinary members of the public.

“If these strikes continue then local people who rely on these trains risk losing their jobs and their livelihoods because they simply can’t get into work on time. 

“It is time for both sides in this dispute to reach an agreement and bring a swift end to the devastating impact these disputes are having.”