Olympic gold medallist opens new ‘Brain Bus’ at West Hill Primary School

Published: 29 November 2016

Olympic gold medallist Phelan Hill visited West Hill Primary School in Wandsworth to officially open their Brain Bus, a new learning space on the school grounds.

Phelan is the cox for the Olympic gold medal men's eights rowing team and current world champion, as well as a Wandsworth resident and a West Hill parent.

The athlete cut the ribbon on a double decker bus, which was installed in June 2016, after giving a talk to pupils on how resilience, determination and a ‘growth mindset’ enabled him to succeed.

The bus has been refurbished so that it acts as a classroom and also as a quiet space for the children to practise their learning or do some reading during breaks.

The project aims to teach children to enjoy challenges and remain positive even when something is difficult, as well as to see their full potential.

The outside of the bus is decorated with neurons, a reminder that new connections are formed in the brain when pupils try new things and practise them over and over.

Education spokesperson Councillor Kathy Tracey said: “I’d like to congratulate West Hill School on this innovative addition to their teaching. It’s really exciting to see schools getting creative with their learning spaces.

“I’m sure that students will benefit from the attitude that is being instilled through the Brain Bus and the Growth Mindset project.”

Ofsted’s most recent annual report into the quality of schools and teaching in London found that 92 per cent of Wandsworth’s primary schools were classed as either good or outstanding.

For more information about West Hill Primary School, please visit their website.