Record number of parents choosing a Wandsworth primary school

Published: 19 April 2016

A record number of parents have applied for a place at a Wandsworth primary school this September as the popularity of the borough’s schools continues to rise.

Parents were told yesterday (Monday) the outcome of their applications. Every child who needs a place at a Wandsworth school has been offered one.

The total number of applications from borough residents reached 3,233 - a 4.6 per cent increase on the previous year and a new record high.

The total number of school preferences rose to 11,005 – an increase of 1.7 per cent on last year.

Overall 96 per cent of parents were offered one of their preferences, with 77 per cent offered their first choice school and 90 per cent offered one of their first three choices.

In total 3,191 places were offered at Wandsworth schools, of which 3,038 were offered to borough residents.  The number of places offered to applicants from neighbouring areas was 153.
There were 160 applicants who were not offered one of their preferred choices, but all have been offered a place at an alternative school close to their homes. There are currently 183 vacancies across 11 primary schools in the borough.

Wandsworth schools are hugely popular with parents because of their high quality of teaching and learning. Nearly every single child being taught in a Wandsworth school is attending either a good or an outstanding one, according to education standards watchdog Ofsted.

A recent report from Ofsted into the quality of schools and teaching in London found that 96 per cent of Wandsworth’s primary schools were assessed as either good or outstanding. This is the capital’s second highest quality rating.

Education spokesman Cllr Kathy Tracey said: “Parents in Wandsworth have some really excellent schools to choose from.

“Our primaries continue to strongly outperform others across the country, including London, and this is testament to the inspired work of headteachers, teachers, teaching assistants and governors to deliver the best possible education to our young people.”

Parents who did not secure a place at the top school of their choice can apply to go on its waiting list. While there may not be a place there today, the position may change over the course of the coming weeks and months as some parents decide not to accept the offers they have received or move away from the borough.

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