Air quality theatre completes schools tour

Published: 22 March 2016

A high energy theatre production has completed a tour of local primary schools to help teach youngsters about climate change, air pollution and how our travel choices can affect the environment.

The interactive theatre production, called “The Pollution Solution”, was performed by the Big Wheel Theatre Company and is funded by Wandsworth Council.

The group has worked closely with the council's environment team to ensure each performance provides practical examples of how pupils can improve their local environment.

The initiative aims to encourage sustainable travel like walking and cycling and cut rush hour traffic congestion caused by 'school runs'.

The performances included information on: Global warming – how your transport choices affect the world; the impact of traffic, air pollution and congestion in your local area; why walking and cycling are almost always the best way to get around and how to do this safely.

The primary schools to receive a visit were St Boniface, Gatton, Smallwood, Allfarthing, Swaffield, Albemarle, Sheringdale, St. Anselms and Holy Ghost. In total approximately 560 pupils got to see the show.

A spokesman for the council said:

“This is a fun way to bring this important local issue to life and to energise Wandsworth young people. Feedback has been fantastic, the kids clearly loved the performance and have taken these important messages to heart.

“Education has a key role to play in the long term battle against air pollution and the play also focused on the simple steps these youngsters and their families can take straight away to reduce harmful emissions.”

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