Beware bogus fundraisers

Published: 25 February 2016

People are warned to beware of conmen claiming to be raising money for Africa.

The young men have been spotted in Wandsworth and neighbouring boroughs claiming to be raising money for a charity called TackleAfrica.

The charity is genuine, but is keen to stress it never condones doorstep or street fundraising. If you are approached, it is a con. Sometimes the men’s behaviour is threatening.

A spokesman for the charity said: “If you are approached in our name, please be aware that it is not legal.  Do not give money to them – it will not reach the worthy causes we help.”

The council’s health and social care spokesman and chairman of the national Neighbourhood and Home Watch Network Cllr Jim Maddan said: “It is appalling that unscrupulous people are using this charity in this way. I would urge everyone giving money to doorstep or street fundraiser to be very careful indeed. Your hard-earned money may not be going where you think it is.”

Find out more about the London-wide Support Charity Not Crime campaign.

There have also been recent reports of  bogus gasworkers preying on older people in the borough. If someone calls claiming to be from the gas board, ask them to put their ID through the letterbox. Look up the utility company’s number and call to check – do not call the number printed on the ID. 

If you are worried about bogus utility workers or fundraisers, or have any other safety concerns, contact the council’s community safety department on (020) 8871  6567/8894/8895.