Eat, drink and be safe this Christmas

Published: 15 December 2015

People going out to party in Wandsworth during the festive period this year are being reminded to line their stomach, drink alcohol within recommended limits and plan their journey home.

The council has teamed up with the London Ambulance Service, London Fire Brigade, Metropolitan Police Service and the Mayor of London to help residents Eat, Drink and Be Safe.

The campaign will be shown on the transport system and across the capital, reminding Londoners to have a safer fun festive celebration. The advice includes:  


Alcohol on an empty stomach makes you drunk more quickly. Make sure you have something to eat before you start drinking.


Space your drinks out and have a soft drink or some water in between rounds. Try to stick to safer drinking levels, download the Change4Life or DrinkAware app to help you monitor how much you drink.


Plan your journey to and from your party, check for your last bus or train on the TFL Journey Planner and use licensed taxis, text HOME to 60835 for a list of licensed cab numbers.

Signs giving advice are being put up at key locations near stations and pubs around the borough and information will be given via the council’s website and social media accounts.

Wandsworth is promoting this campaign via the Alcohol Alliance; a partnership made up of council staff including public health, community safety, licensing, trading standards and service commissioners together with the NHS and the police. Alliance members are working together to reduce the harm that drinking excessively can cause.

The chairman of the Alcohol Alliance, Cllr Jim Maddan, said: “Most of us enjoy a drink at Christmas, but if you are going out make sure you keep in control, stick with your friends and plan in advance how you will get home safely. Please end your evening safe at home rather than in the back of an ambulance or in a police cell.”

If you are worried about your alcohol intake or someone else’s, contact one of these services for advice. For immediate help, call Drinkline, on 0300 123 1110. Young people who are concerned about their drinking can get support from Catch-22.

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