Christmas advice from the credit union

Published: 19 November 2015

The Wandsworth Plus Credit Union is sharing top tips to help out people who may be struggling to pay for Christmas.

The council works in partnership with the credit union to enable Wandsworth residents to get access to affordable, ethical savings and loans.

Wandsworth Plus's top tips aim to help local people budget for Christmas and get value for money when they do their festive shopping

Tips include planning your shopping in advice to make the most of deals, buying during sales, such as Black Friday, agreeing a present treaty to keep costs down, sending electronic Christmas cards and setting, and sticking to, a strict budget.  

After Christmas. Wandsworth Plus suggests that people start to save for next year. Savers putting aside £5 a week since January will have almost £260 by next Christmas.

The council’s finance spokesman Cllr Guy Senior said: “Our partnership with the credit union is a way of keeping people away from loan sharks and payday lenders and providing savings and loans to our residents – including those who can’t access high street banks and building societies.

“Christmas isn’t cheap, but we don’t want our residents to spend next Christmas still paying for this one. Joining the credit union is a way of helping to spread the cost and keep out of unaffordable debt. 

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