People at risk of losing their vote to get a visit this weekend

Published: 13 November 2015

If you have not yet registered under the new electoral registration system, you will receive a visit from council staff this weekend.

This will be the last chance to register under the Individual Electoral Registration (IER) system. People who have not responded to any of the multiple letters and several home visits from the council will have their name removed from the register.

The IER system was introduced last year, and means people are all responsible for registering themselves – it is not done on a household basis any more.

All but a small number of Wandsworth residents have been moved to the new system, but the government has now  ruled anyone not registered under IER will be removed when the revised electoral register is published next month.

Those who are not registered can easily do so by completing one of the forms they have already received or by visiting without delay.

People who have recently moved, or have just turned 16, should also visit to register.

Each household has also been sent a Household Enquiry Form. This is so the council knows who is living at each address so it can invite unregistered residents to register to vote under IER and remove names of electors who are no longer living at the property. Failure to return this by November 20 could result in a £1000 fine.

Completing and returning the form online or on paper will not automatically update information on the electoral register.  Where further action is required the council will make contact with you.  

Mayoral and London Assembly elections are being held on May 5 and a referendum on the European Union could also take place next year, so you will need to register in order to vote. Registering to vote is also important if you are applying for credit.

If you have any questions visit, email or call the electoral services team on (020) 8871 6023.