Comment now on cycling strategy

Published: 17 July 2015

A new draft strategy that aims to make cycling in the borough safer and more popular has been officially published.

The public can now comment on the draft plan, which is designed to make Wandsworth a part of London where people increasingly choose to cycle and where cycling is championed as a great way to travel.

Read the draft strategy.

Take part in the online consultation.

The strategy builds on previous and existing programmes which have already led to cycling becoming more popular and widespread locally. It aims to increase cycling, make it safer and to normalise cycling as an everyday travel choice

There are 22 targets for action, split into four key categories – improving infrastructure, planning, help to cycle and awareness.

Included in the 22 targets are:

  • A review of the borough cycle route network – to develop a programme of cycle route improvements so that they cater for many different types of cyclists
  • Implement Quietways - Utilise less busy streets and off-road corridors to create new routes
  • Cycle parking - improve the amount, type and location and include in public spaces as well as residential areas.
  • Cycle training - provide free to people who live, work or study in the borough, including children and adults, covering a range of abilities.  
  • Improve road user behaviour - working with the police and other agencies to encourage safe and responsible use of routes by all road users.
  • Reduce conflict between cyclists and HGVs – by supporting activities that reduce conflict between lorries and cyclists, including provision of Safer Urban Driver training and promotion of “exchanging places” events.

Transport spokesman Cllr Jonathan Cook said: “We want to encourage people to cycle more and where possible to think of it as their primary means of getting around. This is good for health reasons, for air quality and for reducing transport congestion. 

“We are asking people to comment and add in their suggestions as to how we can raise participation levels even higher.”