Are you a private tenant?

Published: 14 January 2015

The council wants to know what it is like to rent a home in the private sector in Wandsworth.

The privately rented sector is an increasingly large part of the Wandsworth housing market – accounting for around a third of the borough’s homes.

Wandsworth Council is keen to make sure it is meeting the needs of these tenants, and wants them to share their experiences.

It is asking people to take a brief online survey to find out why they choose to rent privately, their experience of the sector and their housing aspirations for the future.

Housing spokesman Cllr Paul Ellis said:

“More and more people are private tenants, but this group of residents tend to move regularly within Wandsworth and outside the borough completely, so it can be really hard to get a clear picture of their experiences.

“The private rented sector is an important part of the borough’s overall housing offer, and it’s important to make sure landlords are providing tenants with good service and that the council is giving them the right support.”

The personal information gathered from the survey will be treated in the strictest confidence and the results will inform future housing policy.

Take the survey here