Keep your vote – respond to voter registration letters

Published: 31 October 2014

Wandsworth residents who have been asked to complete a voter registration form are being reminded that it is a legal requirement to do so.

Every registered elector was sent a letter earlier this year which told them whether or not they were required to complete the registration form.

Most residents did not need to, but those who did are being urged again to complete the process.

Anyone who has not yet responded  can expect a call from council canvassing staff in the coming days.

Failure to respond could result in an £80 fine and could mean they are unable to vote in the Parliamentary election on Thursday 7 May, 2015.

Chasing up residents who have failed to respond also costs taxpayers money.

Residents who are required to respond, can do so online at or alternatively complete the paper form they have been sent. 

Anyone who has moved recently should also visit to register at their new address.  Updating your council tax account details or parking permit will not change your address on the electoral register. 

Young adults about to turn 18 and students are the most unlikely to register, which can mean their voices are not heard.  They should also make sure they use this website to register to avoid being disenfranchised.

Approaching the Parliamentary election on Thursday 7 May 2015, residents should ensure they keep their records with Electoral Services up to date to ensure they receive a poll card next spring.

For more information please visit or email