Leader's new year message to Wandsworth

Published: 31 December 2013

In his new year’s message, leader of the council, Ravi Govindia, said he is optimistic about 2014.

He points to the flow of inward investment, new jobs and transport improvements as evidence of Wandsworth’s bright future.

The full message is as follows:

“Looking back there is much to be proud of in 2013. Looking forward, there is even more to be optimistic about.

Evidence is all around of the huge investment flowing into our borough, from the transformation of Southside Shopping Centre, to the ever changing landscape around Nine Elms.

Investment brings jobs and major improvements, like the extension of the Northern Line to Battersea.

My priority is to ensure everyone can benefit. We have already set up Wandsworth Work Match which operates a bit like a dating agency in matching people ready for the employment market with employment opportunities.  

While attracting new investment to the borough, your council is also focused on preserving what makes our borough one of the best places to live in London.

Wandsworth is famed, not just for low council tax, but also the quality of our schools and parks and the cleanliness of our streets.

Things are never easy because we still have to make £43 million savings between now and 2016, as part of our contribution to reducing the national deficit.

We will approach this in the same way as we have already saved £70 million – by ensuring that we are focused on the services that matter to you the most.

I am confident that 2014 will be another great year for Wandsworth and with that I hope you and your family enjoy a healthy, prosperous and happy New Year."