Falcon Glade to become Battersea’s ‘pocket park’

Published: 12 November 2013

A small green oasis will soon be unveiled in Battersea after plans were approved to spruce up an underused piece of grassland on the Falcon Estate to create a new “pocket park” for local residents.

The spot, which is set to be named Falcon Glade, will undergo extensive landscaping and also benefit from the planting of new shrubs and wildflowers as part of a £40,000 improvement scheme.

New seating will also be provided, including some around the trunks of larger trees, while new pathways will be laid and fencing removed to open up the space and make it more welcoming.

The work will also include a range of measures to promote greater biodiversity, like using log piles, bird boxes and insect boxes to encourage other wildlife. Selective planting of flowers and shrubs to provide nectar, pollen, fruits and seeds will also contribute to the eco-food chain.

The plans to create Falcon Glade were drawn up by the council's parks and housing departments following consultation with local residents and businesses earlier this year.

And yesterday (Monday) Mayor Boris Johnson announced that the scheme was to be included in his 'Pocket Parks' initiative, meaning that half of the £38,000 cost of the project will be met from Mayoral funds.

The site of the new open space is on the corner of Falcon Road and Falcon Terrace and is bordered by a railway bridge to the south and the housing estate to the north. It is currently covered in a thick tree canopy, making it dark and difficult for plants to grow.

The council's environment spokesman Cllr Jonathan Cook said: "This is great news for local residents. Soon they will be able to enjoy a wonderful little green oasis on their doorsteps.

"With some well-thought-out landscaping, planting and seating, Falcon Glade can become the perfect spot for people to relax and escape the hustle and bustle of the city."

Housing spokesman Cllr Paul Ellis added: "We are very pleased that the Mayor shares our vision for this little corner of Clapham Junction.

"We believe that this pocket park will be of real benefit to people living on the estate. At the moment it is rather dark and unwelcoming. Our proposals will bring it back to life and transform it into a welcoming open space for local people."

The Mayor added: "It's fantastic to see my 'pocket parks' really taking root across the capital and creating something special out of London's forgotten pint-sized plots of land. These small urban havens make this city an even better place to live, work and invest - the best big city on earth."