Clapham Junction clean up begins

Published: 9 August 2011

Hundreds of local residents armed with brooms and brushes have begun the job of clearing up the mess left behind by last night’s disturbances in Clapham Junction.

Many of the residents have waited patiently all day for the police to conclude their forensic investigations at various crime scenes, so that they could then begin the task of clearing up and bringing order and a sense of normality back to the area.

The residents are now busily clearing up debris from St Johns Road, which was targeted by criminals and hooligans in Clapham Junction last night. The police cordon in Lavender Hill is expected to be lifted shortly allowing the clean up to begin there too.  

The council has also sent dozens of staff to Clapham Junction to help in the clean up.

Council leader Ravi Govindia, who has strongly condemned last night's violence, said he was proud of the efforts shown by the community to bounce back from the disorder.

He said: "It is testament to the great spirit that exists in this city that so many people have been prepared to wait here patiently for most of the day for the chance to clear up this mess and get things back to normal.

"Local people are determined that they will not be cowed by the thugs and hooligans who caused this damage last night. They are determined to work with us to get life back to normal as quickly as possible, and we are grateful for their efforts."

Sarah Slaughter, who travelled to Battersea from Surrey Quays, said: "I couldn't watch what happened on TV and just sit at home and so nothing. I had to come and do whatever I could to help local businesses and local people."

Emma Umpleby, 19, from Battersea, said: "Helping clean-up the area is something positive I wanted to do - it is great to see so many people, many of them young people, joining in the effort."

London Mayor Boris Johnson who visited Clapham Junction earlier today with Cllr Govindia and the Home Secretary Theresa May said: "What we have seen today is about London fighting back."