Love Parks Wandsworth

There has never been a better time to love and celebrate the borough’s parks and open spaces. 

Love Parks was a summer long campaign championing the borough’s green spaces, highlighting the work that goes on to maintain, enhance and improve them as well as encouraging people to enjoy them.

Wandsworth has one of the highest number of council-owned parks and open spaces in inner London. And we believe that these are huge assets to the people of Wandsworth – not just the showcase parks, but the smaller and less obvious green spaces too, which can be a haven for peace and tranquility.  

This summer, as part of Love Parks, we encouraged everyone to get out and enjoy their favourite park. By using and celebrating your local park, you are helping us to protect it for future generations.

We asked you to take pictures of our parks and post them on Twitter and Instagram under the hashtag: #LoveParksWandsworth. You can see a few of the pictures you posted here

Our parks

Enable Leisure and Culture manages over 350 hectares of green places in Wandsworth on behalf of the Council.

There are 32 public parks in the borough, many of which have children’s playgrounds. A selection are listed below, and you can also view a full list of Wandsworth's parks and open spaces

Park History, features and facilities 
Battersea Park

Built between 1854 and 1870, Battersea Park was opened by Queen Victoria in 1858. It was landscaped using one million cubic yards of soil, dug out during the construction of Victoria Docks.

In 1951 the pleasure gardens were built as part of the Festival of Britain.

It also has a riverside promenade, a large lake, many notable trees and ecological areas, children's play areas, a children's zoo, the Pump House gallery and sports facilities.

Wandsworth Common

South-west London is well provided with open common land dating back to mediaeval origins. Providing wide sweeps of natural landscape and amenity sports facilities, Wandsworth Common boasts woods, lakes, and heath, as well as playgrounds, café, bowls and tennis, and a trim trail.

Tooting Common

Originally called Southfields Park, Tooting Common was laid out in 1921-23 by Percy Cane and was opened in 1923 by King George V. It features formal and ornamental gardens, an ecology site, lake and riverside walk. 

Modern additions include a play area, adventure playground, a one o’clock club for children, sports pitches, a leisure centre, bowling green and tennis courts.

Wandsworth Park

This Grade II listed Edwardian park, laid out with ornamental shrubberies and sports areas, blends formality with informality. Wandsworth Park's magnificent avenue of trees provides shade and a view of the wide open river – with the opportunity to watch sports, birds and passing boats. It also features a play area, café and a putting green.

King George's Park

Originally called Southfields Park, King George's Park was laid out in 1921-23 by Percy Cane and was opened in 1923 by King George V. It features formal and ornamental gardens, an ecology site, lake and riverside walk. Modern additions include a play area, adventure playground, a one o’clock club for children, sports pitches, a leisure centre, bowling green and tennis courts.


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Join a friends group

Wandsworth has a number of active parks friends groups. These are voluntary, independent local user groups who help monitor, advise and promote our parks to the wider community.

Local friends groups include: 


Playgrounds are for children and their accompanying adults. Dogs are not allowed in any playgrounds. Seating areas are usually provided as well as play equipment.

View all children's playgrounds in the borough.


Interested in having an allotment? Find out about allotments in Wandsworth and how to join the waiting list. 

Parks and Events Police

The Parks and Events Police Service patrol the parks, enforce bye-laws and steward events. This service is seconded to Enable.

Contact the Police Service by email:

Helping everyone to enjoy our parks

Parks and playgrounds are open 24 hours a day every week all year round, free of charge at the point of use. So that everybody can use and enjoy their time in public parks certain restrictions apply. Find out some of the things you can do in parks and playgrounds, and whether you need to get permission first.

Many large parks provide good exercise areas for dogs to run. Please be aware that in some parks or some areas of parks there are restrictions on dogs and dog exercise. Dog walkers are responsible for cleaning up after their dogs in all the parks.

In some parks exercise equipment and outdoor gyms are provided free to use. Several games areas – for basketball, netball or 5-a-side football – are available free of charge. In other parks you can book to use the marked sports pitches and there is a cost for this. Most tennis courts are available at a fee.

Organised use of a grass pitch must be booked in advance. This includes:

  • any organised sports game or practice
  • organised schools’ use, whether for lessons, competition or play
  • social gatherings which require the exclusive use of the space for a temporary period

To book a grass pitch contact idverde sports bookings or call 020 8767 1830.

You may enjoy a trip to a park cafe or bring your own picnic but no barbeques are permitted anywhere in any of the parks.

In some of the large parks Wandsworth Council has let concessions which charge for use of the facilities.

If there is an activity you want to carry out in a green place in Wandsworth which is not covered here, email us at

Sports and fitness

There are seven sports facilities across the borough including:

  • two athletics tracks
  • a floodlit all-weather sports facility
  • Battersea Park Millennium Arena
  • Battersea Sports Centre
  • Furzedown Recreation Centre
  • Tooting Bec Athletics Track
  • Barns Elms Sports Centre
  • Barn Elms Boathouse

View a full list of leisure and sport facilities in Wandsworth.

Responsible cycling

Cycling has become increasingly popular in recent years with the increased success of UK cycling athletes and funding initiatives from Transport for London. 

Cycling is welcomed in designated areas in certain parks and open spaces. The Parks and Events Police enforce the bye-laws and cycling is not permitted on foot paths. 

Visitors cycle in the parks for many different reasons, so cycle routes within the park provide paths that allow cyclists to transit through the park or access areas within the parks or commons. 

Pedestrians have priority within the parks and open spaces as they make up the majority of park visitors.

Speed limits are limited to 12mph in parks and open places.

The Parks and Events Police have introduced a ‘Responsible Cycling Scheme’ to educate cyclists on responsible cycling. An officer from the service is a qualified National Standards cycle instructor and can give advice on safe cycling, including advice about the Highway Code.

Read more about cycling in Wandsworth

Personal trainers and fitness trainers

View all the different places to exercise in a park or open space in the borough.

Trim trails and outdoor gym equipment are available in several parks and are free for anyone to use.

If you wish to offer your services as a personal trainer or fitness trainer in any parks you must apply for a permit to hold your activities.

Personal trainers:

  • May work with a maximum of two clients at a time
  • Must produce a valid permit if challenged
  • May not use any structure, furniture, tree or other plant for exercise activities
  • Must abide by bye-laws

Fitness trainers:

  • Work with more than two clients at a time, up to a maximum of thirty people
  • Must follow the same conditions as personal trainers. In addition your permit will state the time/day and location where you may practice

To apply for a permit, contact idverde on 020 8767 1830.

Holding events in parks and open spaces

Enable Leisure and Culture manage and deliver a huge array of events across the borough. Find out more about how to make a booking

If your event involves fewer than 50 people you do not need special permission but you must consider and abide by the following:

  • Barbeques are not permitted in any public park in Wandsworth
  • You may not put up a gazebo or any other structure in a park; use the natural shade/shelter provided by trees
  • Please remove any litter or rubbish that you bring into the park after your event
  • Bye-laws apply

You may wish to check that there is no major event or sports use of the area at the time that you plan to use it.

Summer camps

Looking for something to do this summer? Check out our summer courses and holiday camps. All activities are free or heavily subsidised and suitable for young people aged 11 to 19, or up to 25 with a disability.

There are lots of options to get out and about in the fresh air – try your hand at an athletics camp, soccer school, tennis, rowing and more!