Parking permits online help

Help with topping up and activating a paperless trade permit

Sign in to the Online Parking Permit system using your username and password. If you do not have an account you will need to register.

Trades permits are processed in three stages:

  1. The address where work is being carried out must be accepted/approved by the council
  2. Permits must purchased
  3. Purchased permits are then attached to the address where work is being carried out. This is called 'activating' a permit.

Once you have activated an online virtual permit you don't need to display anything on your vehicle. If you set your permit for a future date, or its due to begin at a time before Controlled Parking Zones comes into effect, the permit will automatically activate.

If you buy a permit but don't use it you can't transfer it or claim a refund. The permit can, however, be assigned to any future work you carry out once the location of the work has been approved by the council.

Purchasing a permit

Before you can buy a permit you must have submitted the details of the work you are going to conduct (start date, location and length) to the council. 

Once you have purchased a permit it must be 'activated', which attaches it to a specific job.

1. Select 'Buy Trades Permits' if the job has already started and skip to step 4.

Select 'Overview' and then 'Buy Trade Permits' if you are attempting to buy a permit before the job's start date.

Image of online permit homepage

2. The next screen is as an overview screen and will list all the locations where a trade permit application has been approved by the council. Click on the 'Trade permit' link to view details about that permit

Image of overview page

3. On the detailed summary of the job you will need to 'top up' (pay) the account in order to activate the permit.

Image of highlighted Top Up option

4. On the next page you will be able to view how many permits you have purchased, the maximum amount of permits you can purchase, and are able to purchase further permits

Enter the number of permits you wish to purchase in the box provided and click 'Calculate' to display how much this many permits will cost.

Image of permit overview, allocation and purchasing

5. Clicking 'Next' will take you the the payments page that will confirm the amount that will be paid. You can pay using a credit or debit card.

Activating a trades permit

6. When you have paid:

Select 'Overview' on the Online Permit Homepage and then 'Activate Trade Permits' if the work date is in the future.

Click 'Activate Trade Permits' if the work date already has started and skip to step 8.

Image of account page

On the next screen click on 'Trade Permit' for the location you want to activate a trade permit for.

Activating a trade permit

7. On the Overview screen click '(De)activation" as highlighted below: 

Image of deactivation link

8. This page allows you to enter the vehicle registration that you want to cover, the initial date that in needs to be covered, and whether you want to activate the permit for consecutive days.

Picture of vehicle registration and permit date formFill in the details as appropriate and click 'Activate parking'.

9. Once activated, the trade permit will display at the bottom of the screen under 'Currently Active' (if the trade permit was activated for the current day', or 'Future Activations' (if the trade permit was activated for a date in the future).

Image of activated permit overview