Key messages 2014

Health inequality

Based on death rates in 2009-2011, the range in life expectancy between the most and least deprived in Wandsworth is 8.9 years for males and 6.8 years for females.

The gap in life expectancy between the most and least deprived areas in Wandsworth widened between 2001-2005 and 2006-2010, and Wandsworth now has one of the widest gaps in London, for both men and women.

There are approximately 2,800 deaths in Wandsworth a year and approximately 1,000 of these are of people under the age of 75.

The two most frequent underlying causes of death in the under 75s are cancer and circulatory disease with approximately 220 and 150 deaths respectively.

Figure 1 demonstrates the relative impact of conditions which reduce life expectancy in the more deprived. Circulatory disease is the largest contributor to the life expectancy gap, accounting for approximately 30% of the life expectancy gap.

In the 20% most deprived population in Wandsworth there were 94 excess female deaths and 81 excess male deaths between 2009 and 2011.