Resident surveys

We use a range of surveys to find out your views on various aspects of our housing service. Bostock Marketing Group Ltd (BMG) are contracted to carry out the surveys on our behalf. Surveys used will fall into two types:

  • General Perception Surveys (Housing Link) – these surveys recruit tenants and leaseholders from different estate and property types to assess levels of customer satisfaction with Wandsworth in key housing service areas such as repairs, cleaning and value for money etc. It is a short telephone survey (usually 10-15 minutes) conducted three times a year.
  • Ad-hoc surveys – these surveys assess customer satisfaction for residents who have needed to use a particular service such as reporting anti-social behaviour.

Taking part

We will contact you by letter when we are recruiting for participants in our surveys. The letter will explain what the survey is about, how much time it will take and how you can opt out of being contacted if you do not wish to take part.

We share information with BMG for the purposes of carrying out surveys in accordance with our privacy policy.

Survey results

This table summarises the satisfaction of our residents since 2012. 







Satisfaction with overall services provided 76% 77% 65% 69% 69%

Satisfaction with how the local area is being run 

80% 79% 76% 84% 73%

For a list of the full reports and findings of all our general perception surveys, see the links below.

BMG Housing Link Survey


Leaseholders Survey August 2017
Communications Survey

January 2017

Star Survey Lite November 2016 
Repairs Survey August 2016
Anti-Social Behaviour Survey May 2016
New Tenants Survey November 2015 
Participation Survey July 2015
STAR Recruitment Status Lite Survey April 2014
Communications Survey (March 2015) July 2013
RMO Customer Satisfaction (new survey) March 2013
Housing Management
(in part a repeat of Wave Nine 2011 survey)
February 2013
Participation (repeat of Wave Six 2009 survey) October 2012
Estate Services (repeat of Wave Two 2007 survey) July 2012
ASB (repeat of Wave Three 2008 survey) February 2012