Documents needed to claim Housing Benefit or Council Tax reduction

You will be asked to provide documents to prove the information that you have given in your claim or award form. We need to see proof of every statement you make on the application form. We cannot pay your claim or award without the right evidence.

The online application form contains a customised list of the evidence needed for us to calculate your claim/award.

Do not delay making a claim or award application if you do not have all the supporting information that the form asks for, otherwise you may lose benefit or reduction. We will write to you if you have not sent all the necessary evidence.

Providing us with the right evidence

You will be required to provide two forms of identification, one of which should have your National Insurance number (NINO) on it. If you have a partner, you will be required to provide evidence of their identity as well.

Examples of acceptable documents include:

  • National Insurance number card
  • Birth certificate (full or short)
  • Passport (must be current and valid)
  • UK residence permit
  • Recent award letter for DWP benefits such as Jobseekers Allowance, Income Support and Pension Credits
  • Divorce/annulment papers
  • Driving licence
  • Home Office Standard Acknowledgement Letter (SAL1 or 2)
  • Identity card issued by an European Economic Area (EEA) or European Commission (EC) member state
  • Letter from solicitor/social worker/probation officer/Inland Revenue
  • Marriage certificate
  • Medical card
  • Wage slips from your current employer

You should not send important documents by post. All documents provided should be originals.

You can use the drop off box in the Customer Centre reception to leave documents, they will be scanned and send back to you in the post or you can make an appointment to bring in your documents. Please call 0208 8871 8081 to make an appointment. If your documents are only received online such as bank statements or payslips please email these documents to

Help us to help you - the sooner you provide any evidence required the quicker we can process your claim for benefits.

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