Resident involvement in housing service standards

We will:

  • Support the development of accredited Resident Associations (RA) and seek to increase the number of residents with access to an RA
  • Publish and deliver Homelife to all Council properties four times a year and promote the online version
  • Provide a variety of ways for you to tell us what you think about our services
  • Provide two sheltered housing newsletters each year to keep you informed and hold sheltered RA focus group meetings three times a year
  • Provide two newsletters a year for all those who receive the WATCH Lifeline Service
  • Carry out repair satisfaction surveys for completed repair orders and use responses to monitor and improve service and performance
  • Provide support and funding for recognised Housing Community Champions who work for the benefit of their local community
  • Carry out regular mystery shopping exercises using our panel of trained resident Mystery Shoppers to monitor the effectiveness of our services online and over the telephone
  • Work closely with residents on estates identified for improvement and regeneration to develop preferred options for the future of their homes and estates