Drug and alcohol support

For immediate help call Drinkline on 0300 123 1110.

Support services


Find the help you need

View the CarePlace service which connects people living in Wandsworth to information, advice and services from the council and other organisations.

Help for young people


Young people who are concerned about their drinking can call Catch-22:

  • Telephone: 07770 57 31 31.

Wandsworth Community Drug and Alcohol Service (WCDAS)

COVID-19 update April 2020

WCDAS core sites at Battersea and Tooting remain open during usual business hours but groups have temporarily been paused, and we are limiting face-to-face contacts to those that are essential. Where possible we are offering on-going support by phone. WCDAS are still able to assess new people but this will be by phone in the first instance as far as possible. Walk-ins will be asked to provide a contact number and called back at an agreed time.

WCDAS are prioritising three essential elements of treatment:

  • Opiate substitution therapy (methadone and buprenorphine prescribing)
  • Needle Exchange
  • Treatment of alcohol and GBL dependence

For those stable on prescribed medications, WCDAS are working case-by-case to reduce how often someone needs to travel to remain in treatment, again offering supplementary phone support. To ensure treatment is continued if someone is self-isolating or quarantined.

The Outreach team will still offer street outreach at present, but home visits are paused. WCDAS will endeavour to contact new referrals by phone, letter or email.

The ETE team are offering phone support. CDARS Day Programme is in touch with people who are currently using the service about switching to online or outdoor meetings. Please note that the AA/NA weekly meetings weekly have also paused. The service user hub at 229 Garratt Lane has also temporarily paused group meetings.

Staff usually providing satellite clinics at GP surgeries or with other local partners will temporarily pause face-to-face contact but continue to provide phone assessments and support.

For all those receiving phone support this will be supplemented by virtual offers such as Breaking Free Online- free of charge. WCDAS are looking into further online options for some of the groups that have paused at core sites.

We are aware that reduced face to face contact will cause anxiety for some people. Please be reassured that WCDAS aim is to offer continuity where possible whilst protecting vulnerable people.

Contact details

If you are working with someone you are concerned or if you are concerned about yourself, or a friend or family member, please contact WCDAS by:

You can also visit We Are With You for additional webchat support between 5pm and 10pm.