Supermarket arrangements

Some of the major supermarkets are now providing dedicated slots for elderly, disabled and vulnerable customers. In some cases, there will be special slots for key workers, such as NHS and Social Care workers.

Shopping guidance

These dedicated shopping slots are changing regularly so please check your supermarket's website for the latest slots and opening times. 

Please also be aware that supermarkets are changing and adapting their opening hours. Make sure you check before going shopping.

Do not panic buy at supermarkets and shops: there is no threat to the supply chain for food and providing we all shop normally, the shelves will remain full enough for everyone to get what they need. Please think about the most vulnerable who will need supplies and particularly think of the nurses, doctors and all the other key workers, on whom everyone of us relies. It’s not fair if they come off shift with a very small timescale to buy food and supplies only to find that the shelves are empty


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