Older adults

Resources for older adults.


  • Live class (C)
  • Pre-recorded video/ audio (V)
  • App (A)
  • Information/ guidance/ article (I)
Older adults
Category Activity Description Cost
V 10 Today A set of fun, 10-minute audio and video workouts, intended to easily fit into your day, that help get you stretching and moving at home. Free
V Move it or Lose it A series of fitness videos for older people by exercise instructor Julie Robinson. Free
I NHS Sitting Exercises These sitting exercises are great for all ages, but particularly if you're over 65. Visit the website to find strength, balance and flexibility exercises. Free
V, I Chartered Institute of Physiotherapy - Stay Active at Home A simple set of exercises designed especially for older people to help everyone stay active at home. Designed around strength and balance. There is a video and a downloadable leaflet. Free
I Age UK Guidance on strength and aerobic exercises including step by step instructions. Whatever your fitness level, do what you can at home to stay as fit, active and independent as possible. Fee