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Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic has meant there is less opportunity to practice physical activity in all environments, with the recent lockdown only adding to this. The most recent lockdown rules have meant that members of the public have become inactive because they are either forced to stay at home or adopt isolation measures to prevent transmission of the virus.

Free resources for you

The Public Health Team at Wandsworth Council has worked with Cllr Clare Salier, the new cabinet member for adult care and health, to launch Active Wandsworth At Home. This is a new initiative to encourage the public to keep moving while at home via free resources collated by the Health and Wellbeing Team at Enable Leisure and Culture. The resources pull together a range of activities from across the internet into one place. Whether you are looking for a new home workout, an adapted exercise or to start getting active for the first time in a while, you will find something to help you.

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Benefits of being active

People are now missing their daily commute to work by bike or walking and for some the only activity they have now is moving from room to room. Many can no longer attend their exercise classes and may end up spending more time watching TV. This can affect a person’s mental as well as physical health especially if they were used to regular outdoor physical activities. Staying at home can lead to a lot of stress, anxiety and mental distress. For older people they are also at risk of becoming frailer and more prone to falling over or becoming pre-diabetic as they put more weight on. The more inactive we become the greater the risk to our health and wellbeing.

The Chief Medical Officer recommends completing 150 minutes of moderate intensity activity each week. If this seems a lot any increase in activity levels will benefit your health. Moderate intensity activity is any movement that raises your heart rate, makes your breathe harder, and feel warmer.

Finding ways to get active at home will not only makes us feel better but will help us to carry on doing the things we enjoy.  It can also help our bodies be bettered protected for fighting infection and illness. It is proven that being physically active and spending less time sitting improves our health and wellbeing, it can help:

  • Improve your mood and mental health
  • Improve sleep
  • Stay at a healthy weight
  • Reduce the risk of falls and fractures in older people
  • Reduce your risk of heart attack, stroke, diabetes and some cancers

Cabinet member for Adult Social Care and Health, Cllr Clare Salier, said: "Being stuck at home with no physical activity can lead to stress and anxiety and takes its toll on our physical health. With the end of lockdown in sight, we have launched the Active at Home campaign to get people used to moving again and in some cases to get them into a habit of regular exercise that they can continue after the pandemic."

The Active at Home pages will include something for everyone to ensure all residents can participate in some kind of movement and physical activity. We hope you find some inspiration to get active at home in the coming weeks.