How we deal with antisocial behaviour

The Antisocial Behaviour Unit (ASBU) is a team of experts who have worked with the police and other agencies for many years to deal with cases of antisocial behaviour, using a range of measures to address the unacceptable behaviour of a small number of people in the borough. 

What we do

We coordinate, advise on and monitor the way in which antisocial behaviour is being dealt with by all the agencies in the Community Safety Partnership. We don't deal directly with the public and all referrals come through these partners.

There are all sorts of investigations that have to be carried out. These can take time and can involve using extra services to help those whose behaviour is putting them and the community at risk. We also work with the various youth services to give young people confidence, self respect and respect for other people, so they do not feel the need to congregate on street corners because they say there is nothing else to do. 

As a last resort, or if the problem is so serious, we will recommend or take court action ourselves to stop the offending behaviour. If an Antisocial Behaviour Order or injunction is granted and then breached, the penalties are severe and immediate.

What we do not do

What we do not do is take action against someone just because their neighbour does not like them or the kids in the road are a bit noisy, but are not actually causing any harm: we were all young once, so a little tolerance on occasions can work wonders.  

If we find out someone has reported issues which are untrue or malicious about an individual or a group of people, we will recommend or take action ourselves to stop it, as that behaviour is in itself antisocial. This may include prosecution through the courts, and appropriate publicity if found guilty.

We are all entitled to live and work in Wandsworth in an environment without fear, or fear of crime and we in the ASBU are doing all we can to ensure antisocial behaviour is not tolerated and the proper action and enforcement is taken.