Wandsworth Town

Wandsworth Town has undergone a wealth of change and is still rapidly evolving. Over the last few years, the Wandsworth BID has been working with their businesses to better understand what everyone visiting, working and living in Wandsworth Town needs and what makes it the wonderful town centre it is.

Their new website has been developed to showcase their strengths and reflect their brand - a town centre that's WandsWORTH IT. Find out what to do on the weekend, where to go on a night out, where to shop for that outfit or where to get your everyday kicks, be that at the gym or at the Opera Studio.

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Wandsworth BID Management

Caryl Davies is the Wandsworth BID CEO. Find out how to contact the Wandsworth BID and what they can help you with.

Wandsworth Town Partnership Board

The Wandsworth Town Centre Partnership Board comprises representatives of local businesses, community groups and the council. Find out more about the Board and current developments in Wandsworth Town.