Bulky waste and DIY waste collections

The Bulky Waste Collection Service is for items that are only suitable for disposal. 

There is a separate Re-use Collection Service for items that are suitable for re-sale, refurbishment and/or re-use.  This service covers most furniture and white goods as well as many other electrical and homeware items and DIY, leisure and children's equipment.  Items for this service must be in good cosmetic condition but don't have to be in full working order.     

 The Bulky Waste Collection Service collects

  • Items of household waste that weigh under 25kg
  • Items of household waste that are too big to fit in a cylindrical container measuring 1m high by 75cm diameter
  • Household garden waste in excess of five bags per week.
  • DIY waste

It doesn't collect

  • Anything that cannot be lifted safely by two people e.g. sofabeds. If you may need such items collected, break them down into pieces that can be safely lifted beforehand.
  • Bricks, soil, rubble or stones (small amounts can be delivered to the household waste and recycling centre in Smugglers Way)
  • Paint (see household chemicals)
  • Tiles
  • Plasterboard
  • Cement
  • Rubbish produced by workmen employed in your home
  • Car batteries, engines or other parts


View bulky waste and DIY waste collection costs

When will the collection occur?

We will collect your bulky and DIY waste items within 10 days of the service being booked.

The collection will occur on the same day we collect ordinary dustbins or sacks in your street (large communal wheeled bins may be emptied on different days). Check your bulky waste collection day.

You should ensure that the items are available for collection by 6.30am on your collection day.

Re-use collections can normally occur within four days of booking but are scheduled for when you are at home. as items will be collected from indoors to avoid rain damage.

Where will the items be collected from?

Your bulky items/DIY waste will be collected from the same location we collect your other rubbish and recycling from, unless you have booked an indoor collection. Our charges are higher for indoor collections.

Items for the re-use service are collected from indoors to avoid rain damage and theft.