Ravi Govindia praised for vision and leadership of Central London Forward

Published: Thursday 20th September 18

Wandsworth Council Leader, Cllr Ravi Govindia, has concluded his period as chair of Central London Forward (CLF) having overseen a challenging but productive year for the partnership.

Stepping down this week after twelve months in the role (the maximum allowed), Cllr Govindia was praised for his leadership of CLF, including overseeing the launch of a back to work programme which has already supported more than 100 people back into employment.

CLF is a partnership of 12 central London authorities which aims to improve the lives of its residents by working together to drive growth and ensure people have the best to access the skills, jobs, homes, and support – fully benefiting from central London’s dynamic economy.

Cllr Govindia was also honoured in this years Housing Heroes awards
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Diarmid Swainson, Director of Central London Forward said: “I would like to thank Ravi for his vision and leadership as chair during the last twelve months. It’s been a very busy year for CLF and the launch of our Central London Works programme has been a real highlight, with over 100 people already back in work and many more to follow over the next five years.

“He has also done an excellent job in successfully steering us through the creation of our new Employment and Skills Board to ensure the voice of central London’s economy is heard in decisions about the devolution of skills funding from 2019 onwards.

“It’s also fitting that he is concluding his period as chair just as our Construction Careers Programme is being launched, which  aims to increase the pool of skilled and qualified construction labour across London.”

Councillor Govindia said: “It’s been an honour to chair CLF over the last twelve months, working to make a difference to Londoners. CLF is at its best when it is a partnership that works for the common good without political partisanship, and I hope I have been able to maintain that.

“I have always believed that we need to ensure that London is a city that gives opportunities for all and it’s been a really engaging 12 months where we have seen rewarding projects get off the ground, helping to raise aspirations through genuinely effective partnership working. I now look forward to working with my successor to take CLF onto the next level again.”

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