Record number of candidates to stand in Wandsworth Borough Council elections

Published: Monday 9th April 18

Local democracy is alive and well in Wandsworth, with the highest number of candidates this Millennium standing in the forthcoming elections.

Nominations have now closed for the Borough Council Elections, which will take place on Thursday 3 May 2018. 

There are 227 candidates standing throughout the borough, an increase of 12 from 2014.

The numbers are also up on 2010 when 211 candidates stood, and 2006 and 2002, which both saw 186 candidates contesting the election.

The names of all the candidates can be found on the council’s website.

Residents who wish to vote on Thursday 3 May 2018 to elect councillors for their ward have just over a week left to register to vote if they haven’t already done so.

Anyone eligible who wishes to vote in these elections must make sure their name is on the electoral register before midnight on Tuesday 17 April 2018.

Anyone who is not already registered should visit to complete an online application. Once your application has been received by the electoral services department you may be contacted to request further information, so residents are being urged to apply as soon as possible.

British citizens, along with citizens of Commonwealth countries, the Republic of Ireland, British Overseas Territories and the European Union are all eligible to vote at these elections.

Anyone wishing to apply for a postal vote must do so by 5pm on Wednesday 18 April 2018. This date also applies to anyone who wants to cancel an existing postal or proxy vote (the voter must provide a signed letter confirming the cancellation and stating that they no longer wish to vote by post or proxy as appropriate).

Anyone wishing to vote by proxy (this means someone voting on your behalf) must apply by 5pm on Wednesday 25 April 2018. If your nominated proxy cannot visit your allocated polling station and would like to vote by post on your behalf, they will need to apply to vote by postal proxy by 5pm on Wednesday 18 April 2018.

To apply for a postal or proxy vote, registered electors should visit and type ‘vote by post’ or ‘vote by proxy’ in the search field to download an application form.

More information about the Borough Council Elections is available at

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Recent comments

It would be nice to know which councillor allowed the fiasco of the ROAD LANE CLOSURE in York Road/Battersea Pk Road - between Lombard Road - and Plough Road - traffic jams all the way back to Battersea bridge - dreadful air pollution for residents in Vicarage Crescent- who can no longer have their windows open in the warmer weather.. Nothing mentioned in local papers - Wandsworth Guardain. Have always voted Tory - the 35 years I've lived here - wont be doing so this time round.
Liz D

3 May 2018

ALS a brilliant job cutting services, destroying trees on Chestnut Avenue, imposing Formula E against people's wishes. Manipulating and lying and using this vehicle to peddle their propaganda. Consenting 1000's of unaffordable glass cash boxes for dodgy money. Then I suspect you are a Tory stooge rolled out by the leadership executive. Vote them out!

21 April 2018

I think Wandsworth Council has done a brilliant job so far and have promised to plant more trees and improve the area ! I will be supporting them again in the Local elections
anne louise saxton

14 April 2018

I don't know why the present Tory Councillors hope we will vote for them again! The Horse Chestnut trees that were on Tooting Bec Common were part of my upbringing, yet they have been cut down WHEN THE EXPERTS SAID THIS WAS NOT NECESSARY! Secondly, on one of these web postings about 20 MPH limits all bar one voted AGAINST this proposal. Yet they are still praising it and planning to spend more money on it. Look at Bath - the 20 MPH areas have an INCREASED accident rate, and they need to take the 20 limit out.
Paul E

13 April 2018

Manter peso: Substituir uma alimento féria pelo shake.

13 April 2018